20 cum plant for bricks machine

  • Inbuilt auto water feeding system with 900 liter water tank
  • Inbuilt printing  system (without printer)
  • Inbuilt auto admixture dozing system
  • Unique digital load cell based weighing of the material for better accuracy
  • Separate weighing of cement for better accuracy
  • Easy to shift as plant comes on single chassis
  • Heavy duty brand new CEAT tyre
  • All the electrical motors are CG/ HM make
  • Main reduction gear is planetary gear box Italy make imported
  • All the pedestals are TR make
  • Touch screen PLC based control panel with easy to operate functionality
  • All the v belts are fanner make
  • All the load cells are ADI ARTECK make
  • All the belt conveyors are MRF/Dunlop make
  • Spring backed arms and easily changeable tips in turbo pan type mixer
  • Best suitable for the site where plant need to be shifted for work as the whole assembly of the plant comes on single chassis with tow bar facility
  • No need of foundation
  • Starts working on site within 2 hours





CCP 20

Mixer type

Turbo pan type mixer

Mixing arms and tips

Spring backed arms and easily changeable tips

Liner plate

Harden liner plates for long life

Batch capacity

0.33 cum

Batch cycle time

60 sec.

Total batches per hour

60 Max.

Prime mover for mixer

20 hp electrical motor

Gate operating system

Hydraulic cylinder operated gate

Hydraulic power pack

2 HP

Plant assembly

On heavy duty single chassis

Feeder capacity

12 cm

No of hoppers

4 no (2 x 2 )

Single hopper capacity

3 cm

Gate operating system for feeder

Pneumatic control system

Total pneumatic cylinders

4 nos.

Weighing system

On suspended belt conveyor digital load cell based weighing system

Air compressor

2 hp

Total load cells

4 nos.

Suspended belt conveyor width

600 mm x 3 Ply

Prime mover for the belt conveyor

5 hp electrical  Geared motor

Material feeding conveyor

600 mm x 3 ply. ( Chevron Belt )

Prime mover of belt conveyor

5 HP electrical geared motor

Control panel

PLC based control panel with internal cabling

Vibrating motor

0.5 hp vibrating motor in sand bin

Cement silo storage capacity

30 bags

Discharge of the cement

Screw conveyor based method for higher accuracy

Prime mover of the screw conveyor

7.5 HP geared motor

Cement weighing system

Digital load cell based weighing of cement separately in hopper

Cement discharge

Through pneumatic actuator operated gate

Vibratory motor

0.25 HP in weighing hopper

Water feeding system

Turbine type flow meter based water feeding

Water pump

2 HP centrifugal pump

Water tank

Inbuilt 900 liter water tank

Admixture dozing system

Flow meter based dozing system

Admixture dozing pump

0.5 HP

Control panel

PLC based control panel with internal cabling

Total connected power

47 HP

Suggested DG set

60 KVA

Concrete discharge Height

2.3 meter from the ground level

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